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Equipment Financing

Commercial Equipment Financing to Speed Up Your Growth Operations

Scale up your business growth by investing in better equipment through flexible financing. At Aspire Capital Group, we ensure easy financial support to help our clients meet their custom needs.

Our Aim

Secure Critical Business Assets with Our Commercial Equipment Finance Services

Buying certain equipment could disturb the overall finances of any business. However, considering commercial equipment financing options could help reduce upfront costs significantly. Besides this, it gives businesses or early startups the freedom to access the right equipment to achieve targeted growth.

Aspire Capital Group Inc. puts in efforts to present equipment financing for borrowers at flexible terms. Our expert financial professionals help fulfill the equipment funding needs through an easy process.

Our Process


Client Detail Collection

Initially, we connect with clients to learn about their financing needs and know their personal details.

Consider Non-Negotiable Terms

It involves discussing with lenders their non-negotiable requirements such as NSF, repositioning, etc.


We send the file to lenders for review (which takes 24 to 48 hrs) and seek their approval or pre-approval.

Discussion with Clients

After the lender’s approval, we discuss the equipment funding terms and conditions with clients.


After the discussion with clients is over, we send them funding documents for reading and granting their approval.

Release of

Once the lender and the client offer their approval, disbursement of funding to the selling party takes place.

How to Begin

Lack of funds to purchase new equipment hindering your business growth? Click the button below to fill in the essential details. After that, our expert team will provide you with the best commercial equipment finance solutions as per your needs.

Industry-Specific Commercial Equipment
Financing Solutions

Commercial Fleet

Trucking companies can get the heavy equipment necessary for the smooth transportation of goods.


Finance new tools and technological equipment for your construction firm through commercial funding.

Office Equipment

Level up your business growth by upgrading the office equipment functioning as per the latest technology.


Get funding for hospitals, dental clinics, private health centers, etc to improve service quality and growth.


Manufacturing businesses can replace or upgrade their equipment to dominate their competitors.

Food Business

Funding for the food & beverage businesses can help maintain the cash flow crucial for their growth.

Need Funds to Buy Better Equipment for
Business Growth?

Explore cost-effective equipment finance solutions for your business expansion here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get insights about our financial services by going through the FAQs asked by our visitors!

Getting financial services through Aspire Capital Group requires you to submit the necessary documents. Then, we will prepare your file and find a suitable lender for your financial needs. After the final agreement, you will get the funding.
Yes, you can get a loan with bad credit. However, the loan approval depends on your cash flows, credit history, and profession. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

After you complete the application process, you will get the loan within 24 hours. Our team works efficiently to approve loans for different clients.

Applying for a loan requires at least 3 months of business bank statements, at least 1 year of tax returns, and a valid US ID card. However, document requirements vary for a new business loan.
Yes, we provide both secured and unsecured loans to customers through an easy application process.
We offer various business finance services, including equipment loans, small business loans, etc. Additionally, we provide mortgage servicing solutions to our clients. Our motive is to provide tailored financial services to empower clients.

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